The story of our interpretation of the EFT, the MCTS (mind clearing tapping solution)

and why mind clearing is not easy EFT 



The history of MCTS, like much of it, begins very long ago with Chinese medicine and the discovery of life energy flowing through the body on fixed paths. It has always been clear to the Chinese that this energy must be sufficiently available and must be able to flow freely in order for human beings to remain healthy. Every deficiency and blockage undoubtedly leads to a person becoming ill. While the Chinese influenced this life energy with herbs and acupuncture, then an American, John Goodheart, moved to harmonize the energy through his applied kinesiology, that was then in the 60s.

If you take it carefully, this was the first proper approach to working with the life energy that was made in the West. This system is quite complex and extensive, so it became a separate course of study in America. The first link between kinesiology and psychology can be found in the Australian psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond in the 1970s. He founded behavioral kinesiology, he worked a lot with the knocking of the thymus gland, with music and affirmations, and discovered the connection between feelings and meridians. Actually, it was only a rediscovery, because in Chinese medicine the connection between energy and feelings had been known for ages. (But this should not devalue Dr. Diamond's work, because in his time almost nothing was known about Chinese medicine and culture in the West, especially in America, Chinese were welcome workers on the railway in track construction or as a dish washer).

These two systems, Applied Kinesiology and Behavioral Skinesiology, were brought together by the American psychologist Roger Callahan, who developed a method from it, which he called Thought Field Therapy. Here, starting from the prevailing feelings, the corresponding meridian (i.e. energy pathway) was treated.

Roger Callahan likes to report the Mary case, and this case basically explains the way the TFT (Thought Field Therapy works). Callahan discovered in this patient, who suffered from severe fear of water, through kinesiological tests that only the gastric meridian was affected. After treatment of the meridian by tapping (i.e. acupressure), this fear disappeared immediately and the patient dared to enter the pool immediately after the treatment.

Roger Callahan also traced the discovery of psychological reversal, which later became the standard as the opening movement in the MCTS.

Specifically, Callahan had a patient who was overweight, and that patient should now imagine being slim, which was exactly what she wanted. However, through kinesiological muscle tests, he found that this desire did not coincide with the unconscious, because the subconscious reacted the other way around, a positive test showed when the patient imagined to increase even more.

Further trials with other patients and other subjects showed the same result, in up to 40% of cases. Callahan now interpreted this as misguided energy, which had to be solved by tapping.

In the early 1990s, Gary Graig, an engineer by profession, became a student of Roger Callahan. And Gary Graig now had the ingenious idea that one should not deal with the diagnosis of the right meridians, but should immediately tap all meridians in one sequence. He has also incorporated the Psychological Reversal as an opening sentence. Such a knocking pass is done in less than a minute by someone with exercise and has the advantage that the required meridian is definitely included.
At this point, we also see a very important difference between the EFT after Gary Graig and the MCTS, which we use in mind clearing.
In psychological reversal, Gary Graig also assumes that it is a misguided energy.

Mind Clearing introduces the belief as an important concept.

Take the patient who is overweight. For reasons that he has in mind, he would like to lose weight. But the unconscious has the belief that being overweight is beneficial. By accepting exactly this belief, it can be neutralized or even reversed by the knock sequence.

And that's where the different approach lies, mind clearing works with the beliefs that define our lives. From a therapeutic point of view, I came to this concept of psychokinesiology, here one works with the so-called Unresolved Mental Conflicts, (USK), which arise in simple terms when a belief is in conflict with the needs of the soul. .

Mind clearing consistently applied, eliminates the unconscious blockages and frees both conscious and unconscious thinking, thus enabling the freedom needed to create an optimal life for yourself.

(from "Mind Clearing", Bernd Neuhaus)