Mind Clearing Tapping Solution
(my interpretation of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique)

Mind Cearing Tapping Solution is the tool of mind clearing that can be used without further guidance.


Mind Clearing Tapping Solution is the logical evolution of methods based on the knowledge of Chinese medicine.
It is a method of energetic psychology, and it impresses with its simplicity. 
This technique can be used both if we have a problem and if we want to achieve something. 
The basic principle is based on the assumption that an event causes a mental disorder, which leads to an energetic disturbance,
this energetic disorder in turn leads to a physical or mental disorder.

Here's the video:
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Because I keep hearing that it is complicated, I would like to add a few explanations.
So, the origin of the technique lies in the fact that for the Chinese man has never received a sum of its parts
but is a complex system of body, soul and spirit, which is
Chi maintains its functionality.

 Relatively late, the benefits of this type of medicine have been discovered in the West, and to this day only
a small part of it.

Thus acupuncture only became known in the West at the beginning of the 70s of the last century and only at the beginning of the 1980s
Psychiatrists came up with the idea of applying acupuncture and acupressure to mental health problems.

The American Roger Callahan and the Australian John Diamond can be mentioned here. While these
developed quite complicated systems, another American (Gary Graig) has a simpler system
which was also suitable for self-help by lay people. This is the well-known EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique,
technique of emotional freedom). Without omitting anything.

Unfortunately, all systems went the way of Western conventional medicine, in which only symptoms were dealt with. This
is already a significant step forward in relation to chemical preparations, but it is not yet
Wisdom last end. In my view, we work better with the causes.

So, just get started, make it playful, it's easy.

One accepts the problem with the opening sentence, a psychological reversal, this is often necessary, because one does not want to have the problem in one's life.
Then you tap important energy points on all meridians, usually they are beginnings or endpoints, while keeping the concentration on the problem.
For this purpose, the so-called sandwich technology is used in its entire form, i.e. one passage, gammut sequence, second pass.

In the Gammut sequence, other areas of the brain are activated by the eye movement, the buzzing of a melody and the counting.

If there is no success
 Here we often have the difficulty that a complete understanding of the problem is not possible, one does not recognize all aspects of the problem,
encounters internal resistance or the like. Of course, we are happy to help out here.


The application

You start by assessing your problem on a scale of zero to ten.
Here ten is considered to be very bad and zero as no longer present. Do we have a wish to
then we evaluate the other way around, that is, zero is not present and ten means optimally fulfilled.
An opening sentence is made, which reads as follows:

"Even though I have this problem, I fully love and accept myself".

Here, the karate point is knocked on, i.e. on the edge of the hand, at the point where a fold forms when one angles the fingers.
Here, the opening sentence is pronounced several times aloud.

This is followed by a sequence in which you tap the following points, concentrating on the problem:

Inside the eyebrows

Outside of the eyebrows

Under the eye

Under the nose

Under the chin


Sideways under the arms

Under the chest

Outside of the thumbnail

Inside index finger nail

Inside middle finger nail

Inside small finger nail

After this sequence you tap on the Gammut point, which is the column on the back of the hand between the small and ring fingers, here you move the eyes

- close


 -to the bottom right

-to the bottom left

-circular clockwise

-circles counterclockwise

 Then some bars of a song hum (I usually just sum up the problem with a melody)

Count backwards from 5 to 1

Then re-enter the sequence above, starting with the inside of the eyebrows.

Finally, reassess the problem.