The Voice of the Soul Doctor



Nature and overnature

Natural medicine undoubtedly offers a good lesson in keeping health. It shows man as a creature of nature, built up of the elements of the earth, i.e. mineral salts, water, air and sun, and lifelong dependent on this mother earth and its products. It demands from those who love their health' return and intimate connection with this nature and teaches the systematic use of the natural healing factors light, air, water, earth, diet, rest and exercise.

However, the progressive life makes the application of these healing factors more and more difficult, if not completely impossible. Above the cities there is a layer of haze, which allows light and air to reach the inhabitants only neutered. The tap water in town and country is poisoned by chlorine. The earth floe is interspersed with chemicals that also deprive the food of its pure nature. Modern working life and the rising cost of living force people into a frenzy that gives them far too few rest breaks, and instead of exercise in the wild, the masses have to spend their days tied to the machine and desk or even in cars, cinemas. and coffee. But the wheel of the technicalization of life can no longer be turned back, the teachings of the "natural way of life" become beautiful theories without the possibility of practical realization for the broad masses, on which all life development depends.

Is this the road to maintaining health is finally closed? no! Naturopathy is mistaken when it makes health dependent solely on the elements of the external nature.
Man is a dweller of two worlds; into it stands an over-nature, which is far more important for life and health than "nature" and
which we need to become more aware of right now, when a relentless process of civilization is increasingly alienating us from the elements of nature.

This process always devalues the natural healing factors light, air, water, earth and food and makes them accessible at most in sanatoriums. A "return" to this distorted nature would be foolish. Development forces us relentlessly to find the solution: "Forward to overnature!" That is, to reflect on our spiritual and spiritual part of the being and to subordination to its laws, the supreme of which is love.

We need supernatural medicine with the healing factors of faith, love, hope: the power of faith that lifts us into our spiritual world; the light of love, which radiates into the environment through our thinking and actions and can unite only people; the joy of hope, which looks at everything that is positive and can also recognize a deep meaning in suffering and need. Contemporary health care requires us to overcome "nature" through our intellectual supernature.

May 1950
Dr. med. homeop. Heinrich Will (1891-1971)