Communicating with yourself



Many come into contact with communication techniques in the professional field, but what does communication have to do with intellectual laws and mind clearing.
Quite a lot, but not the classical techniques. It doesn't help if I know how to control a conversation or get others to
to listen to and acknowledge my opinion, if necessary also to accept it.

What do I mean by commercial communication?
It is a matter of consciously paying attention to what one gives oneself, both in writing and orally.

For thoughts become words, these become actions, these become reality.

A very popular example is that someone says: "This is hard to achieve or implement."
The belief behind it is quickly recognized, it's hard and what do you get?

Then there are so many sayings, quite well known, Murphy's Laws (not the one with the unconscious)
"Anything that can go wrong will do so." You don't need to say anything, right?

Or: "Well, I'll try." Think, if I try, then I have my doubts = two cases, could work or not.
You get to the point of being despondent, without the belief that it works. Of course, whenever I try to jump 5 meters high, I have a failure,
so I don't do that first. So think about what you can do, and then do it or don't do it.

It's also a positive thing: "I have an idea" Yes, great, a case, that's it. So, check, and then do, or not. It's that simple.

We tell (ourselves) a lot about ourselves through our words, so we should pay attention to what we say about ourselves. You can have a lot about yourself and
experience his unconscious thoughts.

And if I make this a firm habit, then I also come to mind control, I notice immediately when I say something that is not good.
And then I can immediately make a counter-proposal.

Put an imaginary male on your shoulder, which always intervenes when you say something that is nimbly optimal.

I know you can, so get on with it 

Your Bernd