The Holy Scriptures


A recurring discussion is that of the Holy Scriptures and thus about the relics. And by this I mean all the scriptures, starting with the Vedic scriptures,
the Talmud, the Bible, the Koran and many others who invoke to show the truth about and from God.

Who were the authors of these writings? They were wise men and women who had deep insights into the nature of God, who probably also had some deep insights directly
from this primal energy, which we call God, but it was also people whose perception was shaped by their surroundings. Many of these scriptures
have been changed afterwards, such as the Bible, because the Church, as the "guardian of knowledge", has decided what it has to say.

In my opinion, God himself did not write a book, and if he did, he would probably have written his message on a notepad:

"Be nice to each other and don't break anything!!!!"