How does the tapping (MCTS or EFT) work in connection with the Mind Clearing System



I would like to give an example of how to use the knocking technique to heal old injuries and neutralise associated beliefs.

Let us first ask ourselves what happened at that time. Let's take the example, you have a little brother and he's doing something. Since you were only slightly older, you had no chance to prevent it.

So, your little brother has smashed a good vase while playing, your mother comes into the room, is startled by the noise and you get the trouble because you haven't been paying attention to your brother. You may even get a slap.

Then we have a few feelings in it: helplessness, feelings of injustice and probably also anger.

If you knock this event, you will release these feelings, which until then were locked up and have unconsciously always burdened you.

And at this point, what is normally processed with EFT ends. The knocking technique remains the same, but the question goes deeper (that's why I'm talking about MCTS).

What beliefs might have arisen?
I am weak and helpless
Life is unjust
I am to blame when others do something.
I must not show my feelings.

Here we have the beliefs that we can knock in detail. And if these beliefs no longer have power, no longer apply to us, then (and only then) can we install new beliefs. Here you can knock the decision:

I am strong (I decide to be strong)
I know how to help myself
I am not responsible for the actions of others
I may show my feelings etc.

Of course, affirmations also work at this point, simply because nothing stands in their way.

As you can see, an event that seems quite harmless to an adult can lead to some undoing limitations and beliefs for a child. And if one thinks the thought further, one can measure the beliefs and beliefs that have arisen in the event of worse experiences.