Happiness is an inner process,
which is independent of any happenings in the outside!


Most people are constantly trying to look for happiness in the wrong direction by thinking that only certain implementations, combinations,
from external events they can make them happy.

The composition of happiness is completely misunderstood and taught!

If A + B is Equal to C, and is constantly trying to add C + D to get A, then that will never happen.

Happiness is an independent process, not an implementation, a combination of external events.

If you understand that it is the " wrong " order that you choose, many problems can be solved by themselves. 

Creating " Happiness " is an additional job you can do, like doing business.

People in general believe that if we do a good job, build a career, or enter into a relationship, they will achieve happiness.


It's a separate process!

and essentially 1000 times easier than building a career.

It's easier because it's a separate process!

Understand the connections that makes happiness happen in us.

Developing happiness in you is the FIRST, fundamental need to build careers and all other things on it!

Once we've developed happiness, peace is a side effect. 
Peace is not the main effect, it is a side effect.

Inner happiness / peace is needed by us to deal with all the things we need for the creation of careers, professions, relationships and all these
things come into our lives.

Without having created happiness in your inner self and having directly begun to create external external things, it leads to

extreme stress

Sometimes we loose something valuable, for example, time for this event.

and this then leads to frustration again!

It's like a depression of success.

One is successful, but what has been abandoned seems to have been too much for what has been achieved.

You look back, happiness doesn't set in, have lost time and important people?

What worth it? What does it worth the price?

If you're going to live! Really to live!

Then IN create happiness and build your life on it!

If you've missed that so far, swapped the order, do it at least NOW!

For if you believe that when this and that comes, happiness comes, is a non-congratulating faith, because that faith does not resonate with the universe. You live against the laws, of the universe!

You are not in the flow of life, but swim against it!

and as always, you can think about it, or just leave it!

An inner happy life! Just so happy.

(Text Sigrid)