Hurrah, we are getting stupid


I would like to apologise for this provocation in the title, but I need it for your attention.

But how do I come to this statement?

As the Internet came up and more and more information became available, there was often a great deal of euphoria. As a result of the fact that more and more information
was available to most people, it was assumed that nothing could take place in secret and that every truth would come to light.

And that's not what happened. The question is "why?"

Because many of the amount of information is simply slain, they just consume the headlines and move on to the next topic.
Own thinking is replaced by the fact that it is not the truth or depth of the statements that is decisive, but only the number of repetitions.
And because it's all so exhausting to record new information, many then flee into shallow TV shows. You don't have to think about it.

I'm going to reveal a secret here: your own thinking skills and intelligence need just as much a workout as a muscle. If a muscle is not stressed,
it reproduces, it atrophies. Anyone who has broken a leg can confirm it. When the plaster is off, a spindle-thirsty something comes to light,
which was once a well-formed leg.

And if your own brain is not used, then the ability to think decreases.

It has also been said in the past that learning capacity would decrease with age, but it has long been proven that this is not the case. The ability to learn decreases only if
when you stop learning. Unless you believe that intellectual abilities decrease with age, then this must necessarily be done.

These statements do not only relate to the mind, but also to our feelings and thus our emotional intelligence decreases when we do not use them.

How to get out of the number? Through thinking.

And focus on what's really occupying you. Take what is important to you and question, go deep.
Gather information about whether it is true and if so why. Go into depth, not width.


Become like the children. They always ask "Why"

You can you think about it

The clear direction


For a clear direction in life, one needs a clear alignment of the mind.

What do I not want ?
What do I want instead?
How does it feel to have this in my life NOW and to live?

At point three I hear again and again .. this is self-deception

No, it's not

We go with the feeling that we have in the present in resonance with the field, which makes our future visible to us.

Neither the brain, neither the subconscious, nor the body are able to recognize what is true, what we pretend to this ..........

Ask yourself ..

What are you?

If you think you're deceiving yourself, you identify with your "I"... what is not true, I'm called .... I am born on .......
I am single, married, divorced, single ....... I have the job or not .......

You don't identify with what you really are !!!!!.

and THAT is the self-deception you are going to do and THAT persistently !

You send your thoughts and feelings into the matrix.

Matrix lat. = "uterus".

As always, you can reflect on it;
simply stick to your identification as it is.

Just don't tell you that you're deceiving yourself if you think your thoughts are already there in the womb and born out of it if you live it NOW, because you're proving yourself all day,
just often in the direction that you don't want.


(Text Sigrid)

The story of our interpretation of the EFT, the MCTS (mind clearing tapping solution)

and why mind clearing is not easy EFT 



The history of MCTS, like much of it, begins very long ago with Chinese medicine and the discovery of life energy flowing through the body on fixed paths. It has always been clear to the Chinese that this energy must be sufficiently available and must be able to flow freely in order for human beings to remain healthy. Every deficiency and blockage undoubtedly leads to a person becoming ill. While the Chinese influenced this life energy with herbs and acupuncture, then an American, John Goodheart, moved to harmonize the energy through his applied kinesiology, that was then in the 60s.

If you take it carefully, this was the first proper approach to working with the life energy that was made in the West. This system is quite complex and extensive, so it became a separate course of study in America. The first link between kinesiology and psychology can be found in the Australian psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond in the 1970s. He founded behavioral kinesiology, he worked a lot with the knocking of the thymus gland, with music and affirmations, and discovered the connection between feelings and meridians. Actually, it was only a rediscovery, because in Chinese medicine the connection between energy and feelings had been known for ages. (But this should not devalue Dr. Diamond's work, because in his time almost nothing was known about Chinese medicine and culture in the West, especially in America, Chinese were welcome workers on the railway in track construction or as a dish washer).

These two systems, Applied Kinesiology and Behavioral Skinesiology, were brought together by the American psychologist Roger Callahan, who developed a method from it, which he called Thought Field Therapy. Here, starting from the prevailing feelings, the corresponding meridian (i.e. energy pathway) was treated.

Roger Callahan likes to report the Mary case, and this case basically explains the way the TFT (Thought Field Therapy works). Callahan discovered in this patient, who suffered from severe fear of water, through kinesiological tests that only the gastric meridian was affected. After treatment of the meridian by tapping (i.e. acupressure), this fear disappeared immediately and the patient dared to enter the pool immediately after the treatment.

Roger Callahan also traced the discovery of psychological reversal, which later became the standard as the opening movement in the MCTS.

Specifically, Callahan had a patient who was overweight, and that patient should now imagine being slim, which was exactly what she wanted. However, through kinesiological muscle tests, he found that this desire did not coincide with the unconscious, because the subconscious reacted the other way around, a positive test showed when the patient imagined to increase even more.

Further trials with other patients and other subjects showed the same result, in up to 40% of cases. Callahan now interpreted this as misguided energy, which had to be solved by tapping.

In the early 1990s, Gary Graig, an engineer by profession, became a student of Roger Callahan. And Gary Graig now had the ingenious idea that one should not deal with the diagnosis of the right meridians, but should immediately tap all meridians in one sequence. He has also incorporated the Psychological Reversal as an opening sentence. Such a knocking pass is done in less than a minute by someone with exercise and has the advantage that the required meridian is definitely included.
At this point, we also see a very important difference between the EFT after Gary Graig and the MCTS, which we use in mind clearing.
In psychological reversal, Gary Graig also assumes that it is a misguided energy.

Mind Clearing introduces the belief as an important concept.

Take the patient who is overweight. For reasons that he has in mind, he would like to lose weight. But the unconscious has the belief that being overweight is beneficial. By accepting exactly this belief, it can be neutralized or even reversed by the knock sequence.

And that's where the different approach lies, mind clearing works with the beliefs that define our lives. From a therapeutic point of view, I came to this concept of psychokinesiology, here one works with the so-called Unresolved Mental Conflicts, (USK), which arise in simple terms when a belief is in conflict with the needs of the soul. .

Mind clearing consistently applied, eliminates the unconscious blockages and frees both conscious and unconscious thinking, thus enabling the freedom needed to create an optimal life for yourself.

(from "Mind Clearing", Bernd Neuhaus)


How does the tapping (MCTS or EFT) work in connection with the Mind Clearing System



I would like to give an example of how to use the knocking technique to heal old injuries and neutralise associated beliefs.

Let us first ask ourselves what happened at that time. Let's take the example, you have a little brother and he's doing something. Since you were only slightly older, you had no chance to prevent it.

So, your little brother has smashed a good vase while playing, your mother comes into the room, is startled by the noise and you get the trouble because you haven't been paying attention to your brother. You may even get a slap.

Then we have a few feelings in it: helplessness, feelings of injustice and probably also anger.

If you knock this event, you will release these feelings, which until then were locked up and have unconsciously always burdened you.

And at this point, what is normally processed with EFT ends. The knocking technique remains the same, but the question goes deeper (that's why I'm talking about MCTS).

What beliefs might have arisen?
I am weak and helpless
Life is unjust
I am to blame when others do something.
I must not show my feelings.

Here we have the beliefs that we can knock in detail. And if these beliefs no longer have power, no longer apply to us, then (and only then) can we install new beliefs. Here you can knock the decision:

I am strong (I decide to be strong)
I know how to help myself
I am not responsible for the actions of others
I may show my feelings etc.

Of course, affirmations also work at this point, simply because nothing stands in their way.

As you can see, an event that seems quite harmless to an adult can lead to some undoing limitations and beliefs for a child. And if one thinks the thought further, one can measure the beliefs and beliefs that have arisen in the event of worse experiences.

Mind Clearing Tapping Solution
(my interpretation of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique)

Mind Cearing Tapping Solution is the tool of mind clearing that can be used without further guidance.


Mind Clearing Tapping Solution is the logical evolution of methods based on the knowledge of Chinese medicine.
It is a method of energetic psychology, and it impresses with its simplicity. 
This technique can be used both if we have a problem and if we want to achieve something. 
The basic principle is based on the assumption that an event causes a mental disorder, which leads to an energetic disturbance,
this energetic disorder in turn leads to a physical or mental disorder.

Here's the video:
Sorry, at the moment unfortunately only in German



Because I keep hearing that it is complicated, I would like to add a few explanations.
So, the origin of the technique lies in the fact that for the Chinese man has never received a sum of its parts
but is a complex system of body, soul and spirit, which is
Chi maintains its functionality.

 Relatively late, the benefits of this type of medicine have been discovered in the West, and to this day only
a small part of it.

Thus acupuncture only became known in the West at the beginning of the 70s of the last century and only at the beginning of the 1980s
Psychiatrists came up with the idea of applying acupuncture and acupressure to mental health problems.

The American Roger Callahan and the Australian John Diamond can be mentioned here. While these
developed quite complicated systems, another American (Gary Graig) has a simpler system
which was also suitable for self-help by lay people. This is the well-known EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique,
technique of emotional freedom). Without omitting anything.

Unfortunately, all systems went the way of Western conventional medicine, in which only symptoms were dealt with. This
is already a significant step forward in relation to chemical preparations, but it is not yet
Wisdom last end. In my view, we work better with the causes.

So, just get started, make it playful, it's easy.

One accepts the problem with the opening sentence, a psychological reversal, this is often necessary, because one does not want to have the problem in one's life.
Then you tap important energy points on all meridians, usually they are beginnings or endpoints, while keeping the concentration on the problem.
For this purpose, the so-called sandwich technology is used in its entire form, i.e. one passage, gammut sequence, second pass.

In the Gammut sequence, other areas of the brain are activated by the eye movement, the buzzing of a melody and the counting.

If there is no success
 Here we often have the difficulty that a complete understanding of the problem is not possible, one does not recognize all aspects of the problem,
encounters internal resistance or the like. Of course, we are happy to help out here.


The application

You start by assessing your problem on a scale of zero to ten.
Here ten is considered to be very bad and zero as no longer present. Do we have a wish to
then we evaluate the other way around, that is, zero is not present and ten means optimally fulfilled.
An opening sentence is made, which reads as follows:

"Even though I have this problem, I fully love and accept myself".

Here, the karate point is knocked on, i.e. on the edge of the hand, at the point where a fold forms when one angles the fingers.
Here, the opening sentence is pronounced several times aloud.

This is followed by a sequence in which you tap the following points, concentrating on the problem:

Inside the eyebrows

Outside of the eyebrows

Under the eye

Under the nose

Under the chin


Sideways under the arms

Under the chest

Outside of the thumbnail

Inside index finger nail

Inside middle finger nail

Inside small finger nail

After this sequence you tap on the Gammut point, which is the column on the back of the hand between the small and ring fingers, here you move the eyes

- close


 -to the bottom right

-to the bottom left

-circular clockwise

-circles counterclockwise

 Then some bars of a song hum (I usually just sum up the problem with a melody)

Count backwards from 5 to 1

Then re-enter the sequence above, starting with the inside of the eyebrows.

Finally, reassess the problem.