The problem with the disease gain


Sometimes it is the case that a disease does not respond to any therapy, all try to fail at all levels of healing and show no effect.
Then we can check whether it might not be an unconscious gain for the person concerned to have this disease.

If I use the word "sickness gain", there will be some resistance here, because what advantage should it bring me if I am sick.

We should bear in mind that diseases come from the unconscious and the unconscious always wants to help us.
And sometimes, from the point of view of the unconscious, whose information consists of recorded beliefs and beliefs, it is precisely advantageous to
if someone is sick.

There can be several at the same time.
On the one hand, the primary disease gain, that is the flight into the disease, in order to avoid conflicts.
The secondary disease gain describes the benefits that the patient derives from it. This can be affection, love, attention and power.

Such a disease gain can, of course, hinder or even make impossible the work with mind clearing. So how do we deal with this?

Since the profits are mostly subconscious, it is imperative to make them conscious first.

The first question, which should be answered in a neutral way, is: What are the consequences of having fixed my problem?
An honest answer to this question shows us where there may be benefits in the disease.

The second question is: How would my life change if I had eliminated my problem or illness?
Would I have to do things that I think are unpleasant or that I'm afraid of?

The third question is: What do I lose if I give up my problem or illness?

Some people have identified with their disease to such an extent that it has become their natural nature.
This could be, for example, an activity in an interest group of people who have the same disease.
Or could be the loss of pensions. This would then lead to a certain financial security being eliminated and for oneself to be taken care of again.

Once these consequences have been thought through, you can react to them and nothing stands in the way of mind clearing.