You have the power if you want it


What does this mean? What is meant is that we create our reality with our thinking.

So far, so good, why does it work sometimes and sometimes not?


That was just a trick question, because it always works. Error-free and with absolute certainty.

And now I already hear the objections: "If it always worked, then I would not be sick, not in lack, not lonely, etc.".

Yet, it works, always, absolutely and flawlessly. If it doesn't go the way your mind would like it to, then it's your subconscious,
which thinks differently based on his experiences.

In order to claim your power to think, it is necessary to gain an awareness of this power.
Everything you find in your reality is "conceived" by you, consciously or subconsciously.

What does it mean to have an awareness of this?

It is not enough to read a few nice and encouraging sentences, "knowledge" must become "certainty".
This thought must become self-evident to you, without any doubt.

Of course, you don't "have to" do anything at all, it refers to the fact that it is necessary if you really want to make use of your spiritual power.

If you then realize as a result that everything in your life is your creation, then you can also change this creation.

Each of us resonates with the information (or draws it into his life) that corresponds to his current consciousness.
You can now use this statement to see whether you are dealing with the information you already know, or whether you are asking the right questions and thus containing new, expanded information.

Knowledge is and has always been a debt to get, if I do not ask the right questions, I only get the answers that others think for me.

And it is precisely these considerations that have led me to change this homepage in such a way that a free registration is necessary for most contributions.

We, Sigrid and I, have written and published a lot and everything has been so accessible so far. However, also for many coaches who want to earn money with it, often without really understanding what it is ultimately about.

This is and was not in the sense of the inventor (who we are).

We designed the Mind Clearing System and made it public so that everyone can work with it for themselves. Because we do it out of conviction, and a lot of heart and soul has gone into this system.

Why don't we make it commercial?

Because the Mind Clearing System calls for personal responsibility. Because the necessary changes can only take place in everyone themselves, no one can do that for another.

Our texts are an offer to the seekers, to those who ask themselves the right questions.

In this respect, we do not want to and cannot injure up a system that they are not or not yet prepared to do. That would be pointless and, incidentally, not morally just. Because you can't help anyone who isn't willing to work on themselves.

Of course, there are also things here that are no longer in vain. It is not the case that we refuse to receive compensation for our work.

These are the books (whereby the price is mainly from production and distribution), these are seminars (online and if necessary also on site) and of course the personal consultations.

And of course, everyone is welcome to support the work on the homepage and gets access to bonus content.

What is very important to us is that everyone who pays something receives value for it.

(In this respect, we also reject consultations if we notice that the person is not prepared to work on himself.)


You can think about it, or you can't. Everyone has a choice.

Spirit or matter, what are you?


When we ask someone who they are, most people answer by their name, and when we ask a little more, we usually learn about the profession, the marital status, and possibly special characteristics.

But this is not what I want to do, of course. What I want to look at goes much deeper and these considerations have more than philosophical value for everyone.

So, what do you think? Do you think that once two special cells met, namely an egg of your mother and your father's sperm cell, they formed the first complete cell from which you originated? This is exactly how such a protein chain has provided for it. This protein chain is then your DNA and there is the complete blueprint that has formed you. Yes, and when your brain was born, you started to think. What worked for so long, you were really in love for the first time (was now a joke).

So according to this model you are a biochemical machine that works more or less well and if something gets stuck, then come the experts, i.e. the doctors, who then repair with physics (in surgery) or with chemistry (with drugs). Of course, this machine wears off over time, becomes weaker, and eventually it stops working, man dies and what is still there disintegrates.

Then, of course, there is a second way of thinking, which says that we are spiritual beings, come from a Universal Consciousness (God???) and incarnate as Individual Consciousness (soul???). I know that the term soul can be seen differently, I define it as an individual consciousness, connected with the Universal Consciousness and thus a part of it.

This soul thus enters into this newly formed original cell during procreation and takes command from there, so that the body forms out of this rapidly growing cell network, which this soul then uses for the duration of its earthly life. According to this view, the individual mental component retains permanent control over the body and life.

So, again, the question, what do you think? Do you listen to Model 1, which is followed by science? Or to Model 2, the origin of the spiritual? Or are you juggling somewhere in the middle?

If you are inclined to model 1, then you are of course in good hands with your illnesses and inconveniences in conventional medicine. As soon as you realize that something is wrong, you enter into the hands of professionals you trust to know what they are doing. Strictly speaking, you don't have to wait until something is wrong, you can also go to the precautionary measure, at some point they will find something that you might never have noticed. Or you can get vaccinated against all sorts of things and you also get additional substances, the vaccination enhancers, which may make you sick again. Don't get it wrong, I'm not a general anti-vaccine, I only see the adjuvants used very critically and I don't want to see gene changes either. So as soon as they invent what's going on, we're happy to talk about it again.

Of course, scientists also know the placebo effect when a drug has an effect, even if no active ingredient is present, that is, purely by the patient's belief, but somehow those who avoid this topic like the devil avoid holy water. (Stupid comparison, but for different reasons than most think).

So, if we take this scientific model, there are some questions that can be asked. If matter is the basis of everything, where does it come from? This Big Bang story doesn't really explain anything, because even this Big Bang should have a cause. Then I wonder how a cell can become a complex body in which all cells specialize, despite having the same origin. If you ask a doctor why this is the case, they talk about stem cells, which become everything, and when you ask why, the answer comes: "Because they are stem cells". Aha.

Another question is very interesting: if it is all just a function of mechanics and chemistry, why has it never been possible to artificially create life from something that has not lived itself? After all, scientists are now fumbling with genes and intervening in nature as if there were no tomorrow, but no one has yet brought together new life from inorganic substances.

But what about Model 2? After all, all wisdom teachings and religions say that thought or spirit is the beginning of everything. And even quantum physics shows the influence of thoughts on matter.

According to this model of thought, the spiritual aspect is the overarching factor that determines our reality. For a moment, some people will ask, if it's just about "right" thinking, why doesn't it work? Why is there illness and limitations in life?

The reason is that it works very well, only those with this question do not know it. Because they only start from conscious thinking, whereas in reality it is subconscious thinking that sets the direction.

You can compare the subconscious to an autopilot. Let's take a plane and program the autopilot to fly north. At some point we "think" that it's much nicer and warmer in the south, and we want to get there. Since we are no longer aware of the programming of our autopilot, we can do what we want, can turn at the wheel as much as we want, the autopilot pulls us on the course to the north again and again. And it is precisely from this that the conflicts arise, which make someone sick, but also to let all his relationships fail or sabotage all their efforts to achieve prosperity.

Because either we think about why we wanted to go north and we consciously go in that direction, or we change the programming of the autopilot.

What are the consequences of this realization?

Once you realize that you are the creator of your life, you can change it. This is not because one is annoyed about decisions made earlier or about information recorded, but by the fact that one is more aware today. And that earlier things were probably necessary to build that very awareness.

And it is precisely this awareness that helps to understand the message behind all the circumstances that one encounters unpleasantly in one's own life. And when I understand the messages, I can see and change the causes. For in all considerations there is only one relevant time: the "now".

What lies behind me is a past that has exactly the meaning I give it. They are collected memories and experiences, i.e. information.

All I think about the future is speculation and therefore thinking about things that are not yet there.

Now is the moment of power. And only now.

How do people deal with their lives?

Although there are many people who sin more or little between these two views, For the sake of simplicity, I would first like to look at these two opposing views and their impact on lifestyle.

The follower of the "mechanical" world view sees only his limited life span and understandably has a huge fear of illness and death. Because in the first case it becomes dependent on others and in the second case disappears into nothingness. This "sometimes disappearing into nothingness" can very well lead to this person ruthlessly prevailing over others and wanting to have as much as possible, without any consideration. The more he takes from others, the greater his sense of superiority towards them, his hunger for power over others can grow. In the other direction, however, this person is also easily controllable by fear. Typically, we find many psychopaths here, these are those who don't have compassion for others.

Those who are aware of their spiritual, i.e. spiritual nature, see the whole creation as a unity, for everything springs from the one universal spirit. They take responsibility for their being, both in terms of their own lives and in terms of dealing with other beings and nature. When they have something in their lives that they do not want, they find the cause in the spiritual and change due to their heightened awareness. Because they know the spiritual laws, they know about cause and effect and will therefore avoid setting causes that will cause suffering to them or others now or later.

And what about those who believe a little in the power of the Spirit?

In addition to those who adhere to the purely mechanical world view and those who have awakened spiritually completely, there are of course also many who hang with their world view a little between the chairs.

For even those for whose existence is only the current end point of Darwinian theory of evolution have a clue that there is more. Maybe they explain it with group intelligence and the innate instinct to do something for people's own race, but that doesn't really apply. Because if they were really convinced that they would simply disappear after death, they might not care about the fate of the world and all other human beings.

Since there is a lot of evidence and even evidence of the spiritual powers, more and more people are dealing with it and think that they can use it in the form of the law of attraction, if it is appropriate.

Just such a thought: once something works, it must always work under comparable conditions, right? And if it always works, is it a legality that always works similar to gravity?

You can think about it.


Do you see the signs of the times?


I had in my memories a text that I had written and published about 6 years ago. Yes, and it's just getting up to date again, but it's just scratching the surface.
But that had already been clear to me, but on the one hand the world was not yet ready for the whole truth and frankly I knew more than I wrote there, but not as much as today.

Do I know everything now? Probably not, but what I know is enough.

The truth is now coming to light, many people will probably be deeply disturbed. Because the veil of the cover-up was so terribly tight.

But we will all realize how much we have been manipulated, how we have been guided through the manege by our emotional nose ring. Yes, we were given emotions that were so profound that no one was interested in facts anymore. Think of the song "Only time", which got a sad celebrity through 9/11. And many other moments too. The little drowned boy on the beach, no one cared that the father only wanted to go to Germany to have his teeth made for free. And many more. They took a grain of truth, added a great exaggeration, and garnished it all with a big lie.

And we got it blown around the ears, from all sides, from all media. And it worked, people believed it, because so many reports can't be wrong, right? That the media is all in the hands of a few was and is inconceivable to many.

But don't worry, it won't take long, and everyone will know.

What's different now?

The time is ripe. There are forces working against the Deep State, that is, the Cabal. These are very influential people, but they had to work very in secret.
Because many positions in high positions were occupied by the Cabal, both in direct politics and in the secret services.

Yes, now Corona is here, the panic paralyzes the world. But it is not the virus, because from a factual point of view it is much more harmless than any flu. Throughout (at least Western)
World, people stay at home. And they don't stand in the way.

And the Cabal has no way of spreading new panic by another false flag attack

This virus seems to prepint politicians, celebrities and ceos of large companies. They then go into quarantine. Even in the Vatican, many are infested.
Well, it may be a coincidence. Or not.


Don't panic.

Developments are going on for us, for the liberation of people from the spiritual chains with which they were enslaved.

What can and should we do?

Wait, watch and enjoy the show, and gently support those who are unprepared by the truth. Because that many cannot yet pack the truth, we can assume.

All's well.


Here again the text of 22.3.2016:

I would like to start this text with a small story. It's the story of a house in the middle of England. This house is to be demolished to give way to a bypass. The owner of the house, a certain Arthur Dent, had only learned of this plan the day before and lays down in front of the yellow bulldozers to prevent them from demolishing his house. The plans were reportedly in the municipality's planning office for months.

So while our Arthur is in the mud in front of the bulldozers, a discussion arises with a certain Mr. Prossers, a member of the municipal administration who oversees the construction work.

"But the plans were out..."
»Layers off? I finally had to go down to the basement..."
"They are always hung out."
"With a flashlight."
"Well, the light was probably broken."
"The stairs too."
"But you found the announcement, haven't you?"
"Yes yes," said Arthur, "yes, I have. At the bottom of a locked filing cabinet in an unused toilet, whose door was at:
Beware Biting Leopard!"

Interestingly, the addition of several yellow spaceships at the same time on the way to Earth, which is to be torn up to make way for a hyperspace express route, makes the story even more exciting. The plans for this have also been in a planning office on Alpha Centauri for 50 years, with the possibility for the earth's inhabitants to appeal.

This story is the strongly abbreviated beginning of book triology in five volumes: "Per Anhalter durch der Galaxie" by Douglas Adams.

Why am I mentioning it here?

Because exactly the same thing is happening here. We are on the road to the New World Order, which the Cabal has been pursuing for more than a hundred years. A world ruled by a small elite, an elite that enslaves the rest of humanity.

I say "cabal" here, without going into detail.

The means to achieve this are deliberately instigated wars, the targeted falls of governments, terrorist attacks, the complete surveillance, the use of chemtrails and high-frequency waves, creeping poisoning of food (e.g. fluorine), and so on.

Are these all just conspiracy theories? Or are we finding more and more evidence?

And hasn't everything been made public in some way? Packed in feature films? Series? Videos on the Internet?

Why should the Cabal do this? Give people the opportunity to experience everything? Because they know and apply the spiritual laws. And everyone has the opportunity to see it, to recognize it. If you don't want to, if you prefer to be distracted by soaps and game broadcasts, it's your own fault, isn't it?

No one who deals with 9/11, for example, still believes in the Arab terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center by commercial aircraft. Or is it? The fact is, the buildings were unprofitable, contaminated with asbestos and shortly before that extra highly insured against terrorism. In addition, the buildings were prepared by the company "controlled demolition" in case of a disaster to explode. And to make it all perfect, that very day was an exercise by the American Air Force, which was about this very scenario. All coincidences?

The consequences of 9/11 was the war against Hussein, who was allowed to do much before without being punished internationally. What was different now? Quite simply, Hussein no longer wanted to pay the oil in dollars, which would have done a great deal of damage to the dollar exchange rate. By the way, it was possible to turn the monitoring screw even further. And what must not be forgotten, after the end of the Soviet Union, the Cold War was over and thus one could no longer justify the immense expenditure on armaments. So a new enemy, international terrorism, had to come.

We find the whole story carefully prepared in the film "Harodim", in which none other than Peter Fonda plays.

The series XIII The conspiracy tells us about secret machinations, such as chemtrails, HAARP (high frequency) systems and much more. For a long time there have been videos on the net with speculation about chemtrails, they were hardly taken seriously, but meanwhile also insiders have chatted, one sees pictures of the tanks in airplanes, it is admitted, and no one is interested yet.

There are plane crashes that are supposed to be blamed on Russia in the media to distract from Ukraine, there is no evidence of that. In the midst of the charred debris and the most evil lymisted corpses, you will find en masse undamaged passports.

Such passports are also regularly found very quickly after terrorist attacks, the terrorist himself, who has blown himself up with a bomb, hangs around at maximum in molecule size, but the passport is as press-fresh and points out that the perpetrator comes from Syria and to Islamic State. Incidentally, both in London during the attacks on the subway and in the attacks in Paris, official exercises with exactly this scenario took place on the very same morning. Strange coincidences?

That people live in a prison for their thinking, we had already nicely packaged in the movie "Matrix", hints at the power of thought already in the first three episodes of "Star Wars".

In short, there is knowledge about these mechanisms, as well as knowledge about suppressed, because non-marketable, methods of energy production and medicine.

Yes, and for all those who cannot believe that people are being let die here for the sake of power, because the victims are genuine.

Perhaps we need to understand the truth here: the elite see themselves as the people who have understood and control the system, the others are inferior creatures, slaves and slaughter cattle.

Do you find it frightening? I also, that is why we should wake up slowly.

And it's this waking-up that's happening right now


Bill Gates or if people want to play God


When we look at what is happening in the world, we inevitably have to look at Bill Gates and ask ourselves what he is doing.
Because his influence is immense. After all, he has not only generously supported the Robert Koch Institute and the Berlin Charité,
also the magazine "Der Spiegel" got just under 2.5 million dollars.
Oh yes, he is still the who's the main investor.

Who is this Bill Gates?

For some, he is a gifted programmer who has had great economic success with his company Microsoft and is now committed to humanity and its health. This is at least the image that is sold to us again and again.

But what is he really? I doubt this in all areas. Yes, in all, even his rise as a programmer. Now I am lucky enough to have seen the development of Microsoft from the beginning, a little later I started to earn my money as a programmer.

The company Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who together with others had developed the programming language BASIC, it is called a garage company. Well, if you look at Gates' family background, the garage may not have been too small.

 The big breakthrough came in 1980, when Gates used vitamin B to get his foot in the door at IBM by selling them an operating system that he had swarmed for small money from another company (Seattle Computer). Over time, Microsoft's path has been constantly accompanied by predatory practices that have eliminated unwelcome competitors. In addition, Microsoft has always recruited the most capable programmers directly from the universities, who were there for a short time for small money, but were then able to earn good money from the competitors on the free market with the experience of the market leader.

But it's not about Microsoft's business practices, it's about its current efforts to health people around the world. But perhaps a little review of his business practices was interesting.

So, this Bill Gates first set up a foundation in 1994, it was then called the William H.Gates Foundation, which was first run by his father, who is still on the board today. In 1999, the foundation was renamed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to Bill Gates, billionaire Waren Buffet is another donor to the foundation, whose fortune in 2018 was USD 46.8 billion.

At this point, it's also interesting to think about what a foundation is in America. A foundation must, of course, be a non-profit, but if a foundation makes profits, they may be taken out of the community and used for other purposes. To what extent this circumstance contributes to Bill Gates getting richer and richer, let's leave it to one side.

I would like to look at the father of Bill Gates Sr., who is still on the board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but who was also a board member of Planned Parenthood, a charity founded by Magret Sanger. In quotes, because this Planned Parenthood association is the world's largest abortion lobby.

Who was this Magret Sanger? After all, she put the basic idea of this organization and Bill Gates sr. was probably on the same wavelength.

Magret Sanger was an absolute racist and antithesis of democracy. She believed in the genetic superiority of a minority over the broad and under-served masses, and because of quote: "The voice of an idiot counts as much as the voice of a genius" she was also against a democracy.

Their goals were that only the geniuses should multiply, the others as little as possible, preferably not at all.

Quote: "As her birth control movement strengthened, her sympathy turned into contempt, her generosity into tyrannical control. Now she wanted to use birth control to reduce what she considered "human waste," and at the same time she wanted to strengthen others who belonged to an upper class of the population and were, in her view, more suited to domination. This superior class wanted to protect Sanger from a policy based on democratic majority decisions." Pivor of Civilization (1922)

"The philanthropists who support free pregnancy care help to place the burden on healthier and more normal sections of the population of the population, which is growing thoughtlessly and criminally. This entails - and I think the reader must agree with me on this - a fatal preponderance of 'human waste'(!). Instead of diminishing the strata that are most perishable for the future of people and the world and seeking their destruction, there is a tendency to make them grow threateningly."

Is it possible that the vaccination history from Kenya, which took place in 2013/2014 and concerned a vaccination campaign carried out by the WHO and UNICEF, fits?

Interestingly, in search of the report on google, I had to click through several pages where fact checks told me this thing had never happened

Original page of the Episcopal Conference of Kenya

Scientific report on this subject

A book about Margaret Sanger 


Quote from "Die Tagespost", an article by Stefan Rochow

"Bill Gates has long been a supporter of the theories of the British economist Thomas Robert Malthus. In his 1798 book "Essay on the Principle of Population", he speaks of the danger of overpopulation on earth. According to Malthus, this overpopulation is a problem for the world's economy and societies due to the rapidly consuming natural resources of the earth. In the meantime, Gates has moved away from this theory, but still fears overpopulation. As a result, the Gates couple announced in 2012 that they would invest 450 million dollars in the development of new contraceptive techniques. By 2018, a subcutaneous contraceptive chip is to be launched, which will carry the contraceptive ideology to Africa, Asia and Latin America with remote control and low prices. The chip is to be inserted under the skin and have a lifespan of sixteen years and prevent new life during this time.

That Gates continues to hold on to the fear of overpopulation is surprising and does not coincide with new scientific findings. Various institutes and organizations, including the United Nations, have recently rejected the thesis as untenable. Today, science increasingly assumes an implosion, which means a sharp decline in the world's population in the coming decades.

It has a family background that Bill Gates is so committed to the spread of abortion and contraceptives. His father was president of the world's largest abortion lobby, Planned Parenthood. Gates speaks of a "great social commitment" in this context. Despite these ethically questionable activities, gates regularly attend Samass. Melinda Gates is a Catholic. Asked about the apparent contradiction, Melinda Gates explained in an interview with the weekly Die Zeit: "Faith and religion are different things." On issues of "birth control" she had a different view from the Catholic Church."

Yes, good, but it vaccinates cheaply in poor countries. Here are a few examples:

Polio vaccinations in India

The oral polio vaccination programme (swallowing polio) for children between 2000 and 2017 was investigated. The results show that there was significantly increased non-polio-associated flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) in children. Over these years, 500,000 paralyzed children were "produced".

The report on this is

DPT vaccinations in Africa
DPT vaccinations (diphtheria whooping cough wound cramp) were studied in 6 to 36 months old children in Guinea-Bissau. The mortality of the children was significantly increased.

The report on this is

HPV vaccinations in India
Bill Gates is being sued. There were about 50 deaths among the vaccinated girls associated with HPV (cervical cancer) vaccinations. The vaccinated were not informed of possible consequences.

Comment on this on Epochtimes

The report on this is


And what else is behind it? Right, a digital identity, of course only for the benefit of people. Or for total monitoring, but is only a side effect

Link to ID2020

and who invented it? Also on board are Microsoft, GAVI Vaccine Alliance (Gates's favorite child), and of course the Rockefeller Foundation.


At this point, you can just pause and think about whether it is right to accept a vaccine that directly interferes with human DNA (RNA vaccination), a new genetic engineering technology that is being developed within a few months and that has never been seen in humans. And for which, of course, vaccine manufacturers do not accept liability for consequential damage.

Enough to think about



Thoughts of an unnecessary panic


When I look at what is happening in the world at the moment, I can only shake my head.

We are told that there is now a new virus and that there is a panic leading to serious restrictions. Travel is restricted, the global economy is severely affected, events are cancelled and the most serious is hamster purchases. Everyone can see what's going on around us, I don't need to say much.

Before I come to the subject, I will first put forward a few basic considerations so that it becomes more understandable what I am talking about.

I know that every disease has its causes in the mental-spiritual, no one gets sick who does not have the willingness to do so. And this applies to both colds, cancer, and all other diseases including Corona. Even accidents do not happen by chance, but this issue goes too far for this text.

Let us stick to the "normal" diseases. As long as medicine ignores the power of thought, its methods will have serious gaps and some explanatory models will be unusable. Unusable means here, of course, in the sense of healing, not in order to keep a for-profit health system functioning.

Now I don't want to go that far and say there are no viruses, I just doubt it. In addition, I have recently published a few texts dealing with the origins of this research, which make some of the famous researchers seem very implausible.

But let us come to the real issue, the panic and what information is so disseminated.

The virus is said to belong to the group of Corona viruses and is said to have been transmitted from an animal to a human in Wuhan China for the first time. It should be noted that Wuhan, with a population of over 11 million, is not exactly small, it is the capital of Hubei province, which has over 58 million inhabitants.

What else do we know about Wuhan? According to the information, the city is completely sealed off, several thousand infected and one of the press reports of more than 200 dead. Other messages say it is much worse and the information is censored.

Ok, I've never been to China, but I know that there are different conditions there than here. In many cases, food is sold openly on the street on tables, many people in a confined space and so on.

Let us come to the next focal point, Italy. Official figures indicate 4636 people have been infected and 197 dead, as of 2.3.2020. Yes, that sounds exact, doesn't it?

And in Germany? According to the current information, there are 684 infected persons and one patient is currently in danger of death. But what kind of patient is this? It is a man who prepares for an organ transplant and whose immune system is suppressed with drugs so that there are no problems with the new organ. Ok, in such a situation even a simple sniffing is dangerous, because the body can't do anything about it.

What does all this tell us? If you read not only the tearful headlines, but the whole articles, you sometimes find the hint that the dead were elderly or already weakened patients.

Let us ask how safe this test is, then it turns out that it is not as safe as they say. So a positive test does not mean that the patient has come into contact with the virus. After all, you only test for antibodies, as in (almost?) all virus tests. ("almost" because I don't know of any test that provides direct proof, but maybe I don't know everything). Because you cannot see viruses, as Dr. Lanka has already described several times, the procedure is not necessarily scientifically correct.

Let's sum up:

There are waves of colds and flu every year, and people die every year. Compared to other flu waves, the numbers at Corona are still negligible.

All the statistics are questionable in that they do not look at the individual patient. Are they elderly and weaker patients? It should be borne in mind that the general mortality rate in humans is 100%, at some point this incarnation is over for everyone.

Let me see what is written in professional circles. I mean the information that does not go through the general press. That doctors and pharmacists feel left alone, that there are no materials or support.

Someone from a medical profession reports that she was in Italy, in a high-risk area, now has a fever and so on, and calls the health department what to do. They tell her to go to the doctor, she called the doctor, she was referred by one doctor to another because there are no test strips, but no one comes up with the idea that the potential patient would have to be isolated.

There are now two possible explanations:

Either those in charge of the offices have absolutely no idea and are overwhelmed, or they know that it is all just scaremongering.

And it is precisely this panic that is the real problem.

We know of the placebo effect, in which the patient reacts positively to a drug or treatment, even though he does not receive an active ingredient. And this also with all the side effects that the patient believes in.

But there is also the Nocebo effect, which works the other way around. The patient comes into contact with something harmless, but believes it is dangerous and reacts as if he had actually received a dangerous substance.

It is easy to understand that fear and stress suppress our immune system. Because the natural reaction is escape and for that you need physical performance. The digestive system is switched off as well as the immune system and even thinking is restricted, as it is only a matter of getting yourself to safety.

Everyone can see what this panic is doing in public life.

The question is, what is the point? What else is happening in the world where we shouldn't look?

It is not a question of turning on a vaccination, as in the case of pig, chicken, bird and hamster flu, or as they were all called. Because they have nothing to turn on.

Nor is it a question of a secret laboratory in Wuhan accidentally being used for biological warfare agents, then the consequences would be more serious.

Well, everyone may think for themselves, I have such ideas, but they are not ready to be said.

It is important to: