The Importance of Gratitude


It is said time and again that gratitude is very important. Why is this so? Because the other is happy when you acknowledge something he has done for you? Yes, too, maybe.

Much more important, however, is gratitude for you.

Do you really think that your conscious thinking creates your reality?

Just as a reminder, we think 2000 bits/second consciously, unconsciously it's 400,000,000,000/second.

Your subconscious is your best friend, he thinks like a little child, he just wants to help.

And if you are grateful for something, you show your subconscious that it is important to you, and it will make you get more of it in your life.
Of course, this does not only apply to material things, but also non-material things can be a great help for you.

And then if you give something that is important to you, then you increase it even more. Because your subconscious then realizes how important it is.
Because greed is not great, greed is on a mental and spiritual level so stupid with what you can do.

There is also gratitude for the acceptance of the given, because something cannot accept makes both poorer, because joy is withheld.

Think about it.